About Us

Our Team

We are group of passionate people who work to ensure our clients have a sales system that provides consistent, scalable, and predictable revenue. As far as marketing and sales strategy consulting goes, we’re a little different. We get our hands dirty and help clients build their sales engines from the ground up. We’ll design, build, test, and optimize strategic systems from start to finish. We’re not whispering in your ear and then waving goodbye; instead, we’re part of your team, and over and over again we get the job done.

Consulting Partner Program

We believe that adding experienced consultants to our team creates value for everyone – clients, teammates, and the consultants. Our Consulting Partner Program is a partnership where marketing and sales consultants partner with Carruthers to build a power, scalable bench and where Carruthers partners with consultants to provide engagements focused on their highest and best use activities.

Consultants maintain their own individual practices but gain opportunities to work under the Carruthers brand on exciting projects. Partners are trained on Carruthers methodologies, included in Carruthers teaming activities, and serve as a resource for new opportunities. In return, Carruthers provides opportunities for the consultants to partner with an experienced team that has the tools and support mechanisms to leverage up their skills.

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Join Our Team

What’s it like to be part of the Carruthers team? It’s a daily opportunity to collaborate closely with sales and marketing professionals who are the top of their game and who consistently think outside the box to find solutions to clients’ challenges. Because we take a holistic approach to sales and marketing, our team members experience continual learning and professional growth.

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