Sales Mastery + Sales Engine Workshops


Visit Free Sales Workshop to enroll in the Sales Mastery and Sales Engine Workshops. If you are in the Denver area, sign up for the March 8th live session hosted at the iHeartMedia Building.

​After the Sales Mastery Workshop, consider enrolling in the Sales Mastery program: an in-depth, year-long training & coaching program for individuals and sales teams in the Colorado area.

​After attending the Sales Engine Workshop, consider a comprehensive Sales Engine Analysis – which is a combination of three individual components that provide insights into the seven foundational elements required for a high performing sales organization and a go-forward plan with clear steps to increase revenue performance.

Predictive Analytics Improve Customer Experience Journey


We’d like to thank TechTarget for quoting our CEO, Karl Becker, in the recent article: Predictive Analytics Improve Customer Experience Journey.

Shifting employees away from answering FAQs and toward proactive, predictive conversations is essential to improving customer experience, said Karl Becker, president of The Carruthers Group, a marketing and sales programs consultancy based in Arvada, Colo.

“Helping customers and agents make better decisions, while offering self-service that fits a customer’s lifestyle, significantly enhances the customer journey. [DeviceBits] appears to accomplish these aspects,” Becker said.

Revenue Resource: Defining Your Company’s Value


One of the most powerful ways to gain clarity into your strengths and to grow faster is to define how you create value for your clients. When you can define this and it’s super clear, your company, your culture, and your revenue will begin to grow. What you are looking for is clarity and alignment around value.