Carruthers Sales Summit – May 11th

PictureInteract with other sales professionals as we dig into three topics relevant to every sales team:

#1 – Understanding the foundations of high performing sales organizations.Is your sales organization performing at a high level? Or are there challenges and headwinds preventing you from reaching revenue goals? Learn the seven components that high performing sales teams have and why they generate high levels of sales performance.
#2 – Getting to Results.Learn the core foundations of building trust within your sales team, and how to set the foundations for high impact sales meetings that produce breakthrough moments.

#3 – Sales Performance – Are your proposals costing you money or making you money?In this interactive real-world workshop, you’ll discover new strategies to arm your sales team with 21st century qualifying skills, improved questioning and listening skills and a successful treatment program to help the salesperson conquer their addiction to Hopium and replace it with skills that lead to a faster selling cycle, less free consulting and improved closing ratios.

This is a sales workshop and training event for sales leaders and members of their team.
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Salesforce Einstein AI powers Sales Cloud Makeover


Thank you again to our friends at TechTarget for quoting our CEO, Karl Becker, in the TechTarget’s recent news post: Salesforce Einstein AI Powers Sales Cloud Makeover.

Karl Becker, president of The Carruthers Group, a marketing and sales programs consultancy in Arvada, Colo., said the Einstein Sales Cloud upgrade brings AI to rank-and-file sales staff in practical ways. It can make their day more efficient by helping typically busy employees prioritize their to-do lists, as well as automate some of the typing and cycling through screens that take them away from closing sales.

What might be even more interesting, he said, is the potential for applying AI to a customer’s interactions with the company — automating the process and mining data — to give sales staffers new insights they might not have been able to find before.

“Something like 60% of a buyer’s journey, for a lot of products, [is] done through social and digital and web research,” Becker said. “So, when they come into your funnel, you can make the argument that they are already pretty far down their decision process of buying. … When you can shorten your response time, automate that and take time off a salesperson’s plate, they can repurpose that for selling activities.”

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Understanding The Symptoms Of A Poorly Performing Sales Organization.


If you talk to any leadership team, sales performance will often come up as a primary focus of the organization. What is interesting, is that most sales organizations have common challenges.

There is a great post on Improving Sales Performance that discusses seven of the most common symptoms of a poorly performing sales organization. And the good news is that every one of the symptoms is solvable.

Intelligence Comes To Workforce Management Software


Quick thanks for quoting our CEO, Karl Becker, in the TechTarget’s recent news post: Intelligence comes to workforce management software.

“If you’re not intentionally designing what your department will use, you’re going to get this paralysis of analysis,” said Karl Becker, president of The Carruthers Group, an Arvada, Colo.-based marketing and sales programs consultancy. “Employees won’t know what tools to use.”

Sales Team Exercise – Brand Value Alignment

Looking Forward To Impacting Nonprofits


Our President, Karl Becker, was just added to the Causemo Advisor Team. Causemo is a great company with a focus on helping nonprofits.

Causemo empowers non-profits to reach and acquire new donors with an easy-to-use, highly effective digital marketing and social communication platform. If you are involve in a non-profit, you’ll appreciate how simple and effective Causemo is at retaining and acquiring new donors. Learn more at

What Effect Will Salesforce Acquisitions Have On The Company’s Future?

We’d like to thank our friends at TechTarget for quoting our President twice in their recent article that outlines some predictions for Salesforce in 2017 titled “What effect will Salesforce acquisitions have on the company’s future?”

“How (Salesforce) will continue their innovation and achieve their vision will most likely be through a continuation of analyzing build versus buy decisions, as well as the level of integration success,” said Karl Becker, president of The Carruthers Group, an Arvada, Colo.-based marketing and sales programs consultancy. “If the tech market continues to be attractive for acquisition opportunities, then we should expect to see ongoing strategic acquisitions from Salesforce.”

“I believe Salesforce will continue evolving from a marketing and sales platform to a customer lifecycle ecosystem focused on delivering the most relevant and timely experiences,” Becker said. “Salesforce will continue to compete through innovation and futurist vision.”

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Carruthers Symposium – Winter 2016


Twice a year we take a day to internally catch up, do a little housekeeping, learn and experience new things, and spend time informally as a team getting to know each other better.

For this Winter Symposium, the team met up at a local coffeehouse to discuss the tenets of effective communication, identified ways to improve collaboration with each other and with the company’s clients, and reviewed issue resolution strategies. Then we celebrated over a team lunch and a DIY pottery painting session.

Pictured are a few members of our team: Brent, Bree, Dirk, Sydney, and Larissa.

Happy Birthday Mr. Carruthers


Every year we celebrate Mr. Carruthers’ Birthday with a gift exchange on the Friday before our holiday break (Hint: Mr. Carruthers is a lot like Charlie in Charlie’s Angels). Team members exchange completed questionnaires, and each person’s Secret Santa shops for the perfect gifts. At this year’s gift exchange, top gifts included unicorn rainbow socks, PBR and potato chips, fancy wine, games, gear, and a whole lot of Star Wars paraphernalia. Each team member also received a bottle of champagne with one simple request – enjoy it with friends, and be sure to toast yourself for the great work you’ve done this past year. Thank you, Mr. Carruthers!