Sales Engine Diagnostic

Sales Engine Diagnostic

High-performing sales organizations have seven foundational elements in common. Companies without these foundations have revenue risk, scaling challenges, and are often unable to build consistent, predictable revenue growth. Symptoms often include high sales team or sales leadership turnover, lack of clarity around roles, lack of accountability, and low profitability or inconsistent revenue.

If you’re building a new sales organization or looking to improve the performance of your current sales organization, the Sales Engine Diagnostic will tell you what’s working, what’s broken, and what steps you need to take to improve sales performance and sales.

Again and again, we have witnessed companies with intentionally designed sales system and formal sales processes deliver accountable, scalable, and predictable revenue growth. Specifically, they deliver 5-10 times the revenue performance of companies in the same competitive set. And research backs this up. A Harvard Business Review article found that “Companies that mastered three specific pipeline practices saw 28% higher revenue growth.”*

*Source: Companies with a Formal Sales Process Generate More Revenue, Harvard Business Review, January 21, 2015.

How the Sales Diagnostic Program Works

Building a high-performing sales organization starts with a Sales Diagnostic Program. The program has three individual components that provide insights into the seven foundational elements required of every high-performing sales organization and a go-forward plan with clear steps to increase revenue performance.

1. Sales  Engine Diagnostic – This online tool identifies strengths, gaps and opportunities. Each team member completes Sales Engine Diagnostic (15 minutes per teammate). Results are compiled in a Sales Engine Diagnostic Report.

2. Sales Engine Workshop – In this half-day workshop, we analyze the results of your company’s sales engine diagnostic and facilitate a group discussion with all of your team members around each of the seven foundational elements. Outcomes include additional discovery, diagnostic validation, issue prioritization, and team alignment.

3. Go-Forward Plan – This comprehensive report summarizes findings and outlines recommendations on where and how to improve the seven foundational elements within your company’s sales organization. The report includes an explanation of each recommendation, including importance and prioritization. The report also includes detailed budgets and timelines.