Sales System

Sales System

We design and build sales systems for organizations seeking consistent, scalable, and predictable revenue. A sales system is a comprehensive, systematic, disciplined way of managing and optimizing marketing and sales – and thus ultimately revenue. Organizations without a sales system have significant business and sales performance risk.

Sales systems require solid foundations and processes that evaluate the entire marketing and sales ecosystem so there’s clear data to make informed pivots to increase sales performance. Whether you’re a new company, introducing a new product, or looking to overhaul, we build holistic sales systems from the ground up.

Sales systems create stability, scalability, and predictable revenue by combining and leveraging the seven foundations of The Revenue Equation. Building a comprehensive system and sales engine involves integrating these 5 key elements:

How the Sales System Works

Fully functional Sales Systems integrate strategy, process, systems, people, and performance management to increase sales through a holistic marketing and sales solution. An integrated part (or integral part) of the Sales System is the Sales Engine – a comprehensive approach to lead generation, lead cultivation, and revenue creation that uses a combination of outbound programs, paid search, paid social, digital promotion, SEO, and inbound marketing. Carruthers evaluates, builds, and optimizes Sales Systems and their Sales Engines.

Evaluate – Carruthers offers a series of programs to evaluate an organization’s current sales system and sales engine. These programs include sales foundation evaluation, demand generation validation, and pressure testing the overall sales system.

Build – Carruthers provides a variety of solutions to build sales systems and sales engines. These solutions range from complete turnkey solutions to co-creation of a sales system to consulting and support for a client in building their own solutions.

Optimize – Once a sales system and sales engine are built, Carruthers can maintain and optimize these solutions on an ongoing basis. These solutions can include operational support, recruiting and training a team to take over the solution, or continuing to maintain and optimize the solutions with dedicated roles as part of an integrated team / partnership.